Delkevic Silencers are manufactured
from quality materials to enhance your
motorcycles performance and
appearance. We aim to improve your
riding experience at an affordable price.
The majority of Delkevic mufflers are
 road legal with removable baffles
where required. Delkevic exhausts are
available in lightweight Titanium, 304
Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber.

Delkevic Down Pipes are constructed
from 304 grade stainless steel which
offers superior corrosion resistance to
that of other stainless steel.
Delkevic Stainless Steel Headers are
designed as a direct replacement for
the O.E.M. exhaust and will also work
in harmony with aftermarket silencers,
whether its a Delkevic silencer or other

Delkevic Bodywork sets are
available in both painted
and unpainted finishes and are
manufactured from ABS injection
molded plastic. They are brand
new fairing components for most
Japanese sports motorcycles as
well as European sports bikes.

Delkevic Motorcycle Radiators
are a high quality aluminum
direct replacement for the
O.E.M original radiator.
They feature the same coolant
capacity and volume at a fraction
of the price.

Delkevic Engine Covers are a
direct replacement for the
O.E.M. manufactured part.
CNC Machined from alloy, 
Delkevic engine and crankcase
covers offer an affordable
alternative to O.E.M.

Delkevic Motorcycle Crash
Bars are manufactured from
stainless steel and are supplied
with all fittings required. Engine
crash bars help to protect
valuable parts of your motorbike
if an accident should occur.

Delkevic Replacement Starter
Motors are designed to fit the
same as O.E.M. parts.
Manufactured from quality
materials, they represent an
inexpensive substitute to O.E.M.

Delkevic Replacement Footrests 
and Rear Sets are a direct 
alternative to the O.E.M. 
product. Delkevic footrests are
compatible with the original
foot peg and manufactured in
cast aluminum and CNC
machined where required
ensuring equivalent quality to
genuine footrests at a fraction
of the price.

Delkevic Knee Braces offer thigh and
shin protection for Moto X and Enduro
riders. This knee protection offers a
more comfortable fit and “wrap
around” feel than other similar knee
protection devices. The motorcross
specific upper and lower protection
plates are connected via a twin
aluminum chassis hinge carrier,
utilizing a dual pivot hinge ensuring
accurate knee movement emulation.

Delkevic Replacement Alloy Wheels
offer an affordable alternative to the 
original O.E.M. motorcycle  wheels. Our
motorbike wheels bear the DOT mark
and carry full Department of Transport
approval. The wheels are manufactured
 to exacting tolerances, dimensions and
technical specifications as the O.E.M.

About Delkevic

The Company
With over 5 years of business behind us, Delkevic is always in pursuit of new goals and achievements. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of motorcycle accessories and parts for the on road and off road motorcycle industry, including  stainless steel down pipes, slip on silencers, motorcycle exhausts, motorcycle radiators and exhaust collector boxes. With sales offices in the USA, UK, Australia and Japan we have dedicated sales teams providing excellent service to telephone, fax, e-mail and web enquiries. Our staff includes active enthusiasts with a racing or motor sport background; therefore we understand your needs and are able to advise you on the best solution. Feel free to contact us. Whether you require  replacement radiators, exhausts systems, exhausts down pipes or other accessories, we are here to help!

2010 was a successful year not just in terms of business but also in terms of realizing our objectives of supporting grass roots motorsport. Ben Saunders again secured the Motocross AMCA MX1 Championship following his 2009 success riding a Delkevic equipped Kawasaki KXF450. Alex Hutchinson secured the Thundersport GB GP2 Championship on his Kawasaki ZXR400R equipped with a Delkevic exhaust while Chris Spooner captured two championships riding his Kawasaki motorcycle fitted with our Titanium exhaust and replacement radiator.


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